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    This is the main page for the Peninsular War campaign wiki. [[Quests]] [[Points of Interest]] [[Locations]] [[Companions]] [[Settlements]]

  • Quests

    Quests are multi-part encounter chains based on a particular goal given by some recruiter for some reward. [[Major Quests]] # [[Dragonslayers]] (Interpretive) # [[The _Nameless_]] (Interpretive) # [[Up the River]] (Interpretive) # [[Dirty Deeds]] ( …

  • Points of Interest

    Points of Interest (PoIs) are static, single encounters located in a particular hex. Unlike Locations, PoIs have to be searched out within the hex, and are not encountered by default when entering or leaving them. # a # b # c

  • Locations

    Locations are static, potentially multi-encounter scenarios centered on a particular location within a hex. Unlike PoIs, Locations are encountered on default when entering or exiting the hex. # a # b # c …

  • Companions

    A variety of possible Companions exist to supplement the player party. All have a unique personality and view of the war and its factions, such that taking on one companion might cause others to become unfriendly, or shift the party's factional …

  • Settlements

    Settlements is a term covering any permanently occupied urban area, from a small hamlet to a metropolitan city. Settlements are a key part of the adventuring landscape, serving a variety of roles including provisoners of supplies and recipients of loot, …